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Duty to God – Scout Sunday

With Boy Scout Sunday this month, I planned a Duty to God day at our church. We scheduled some projects and had a short Bible study. Since all the boys participating are Cub Scout age, we kept the projects easy. … Continue reading

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Great Cub Scout Website

A favorite website is back up and running: Canby Cubs! They have an awesome section on segments: http://www.canbycubs.com/segments Kudos to their webmaster!

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Cub Scout Belt Loops and Pins

One thing we have started doing to help the boys earn their belt loops and pins is talking to their teachers. The Art teacher is always happy to make sure the boys get recognition for their work. She went through … Continue reading

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Badge Requirements and Loops and Pins

As I am looking at my page stats – a lot of people are visiting for my cub scout experiences. I would say wisdom, but I really don’t know how much wisdom is used in herding cats. My job in … Continue reading

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Make and Use a Windlass – Wolf Elective 8d

This is on page 151 of the Cub Scout Wolf Manual. It shows a simple windlass, but doesn’t really explain the concept of the windlass. I had no ideas, so I looked it up. What is a Windlass? From Wikipedia: … Continue reading

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Reading for Cub Scout Recognition

Another scout parent was asking me for reading ideas. Our boys need to read each day for school, and she wanted to see if they could get some scout recognition through reading. I started looking into it, and there is … Continue reading

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Cub Scout Uniform – Patches and Pins

Figuring out the cub scout uniform was one of the more difficult tasks in Cub Scout Mom Land. Not that I am a pro by any means now, but I am a little more confident. Some of the placement may … Continue reading

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