School Supplies

suppliesMy Dear Son recently started middle school. He is attending one of the specialty option schools (ACMA). The published school supply list and our actual supplies needed didn’t really have much in common. Here is what he is using for his first term of 6th grade:

two 1/2″ 3 ring binders, one must be black
one 1″ 3 ring binder
notebook paper’
paper protectors
staff paper (blank music paper)
3 college ruled spiral notebooks min 100 pages, plastic covers and a pocket page
Quad ruled spiral notebook 100 pages plastic cover and a pocket page

2 backpacks (the school is on an A and B day schedule) no wheels

pens, pencils, erasers, calculator, colored pens, colored pencils, scissors, small stapler, small post its

Ear buds are not required, but would be helpful for computer use

Logo-free black tshirt
Logo-free black sweatpants
jazz shoes
white collared shirt
black pants
black shoes

There is not dress code at the school. Some of the clothes are required for dance class and the other for Choir performances. The paper protectors aren’t required but are helpful for the black notebook.

He has not started the Drama and Visual Arts portion of the year, so more on that when we know.

At first I was really angry and frustrated. By the time we found out about the specific types of spiral notebooks needed, they were getting really hard to find. The quad ruled book was really tough, since most published list just asked for quad notebook paper. After driving all over the west side I found one – with a pink cover. I bought some black and  Roy Lichtenstein-style washi tape to cover the color. My dear son was a prince when he saw the notebook. He told me it was closer to purple (it wasn’t) and that he really appreciated that I went to the effort to find it. He then covered it with the washi tape.

So I do want to note this disclaimer – things could change for next year’s school supplies. I wrote this to give other parents a little warning about what to expect.

PS – We needed a sketch pad for the visual arts portion of the year. Write your kid’s name in EVERYTHING!

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