Bad luck be gone

We have had our share lately. It started a few weeks ago. We have needed a new roof for a while and have been saving money to get one. The day we signed the contract for one, the water heater died. Since dear Hubs had cobbled it back together a few months ago, and this time it caught on fire, it was time for a new one. So my very talented and busy husband got another one and installed it. He had really wanted to do the hot water on demand system. It would have taken some major work. If we had started the process after the cobbling, we could have done it. There were piping and power source issues that would need to be addressed. So my hubs bought a replacement and installed it.  Our neighbor helped him get it into the basement and the old one up to our driveway.

The next bad luck happened the day they dropped off the dumpster for our roof. My car started acting up. It made some weird noises before church but it stopped so I drove it to church. We got home fine. Later when the dumpster was delivered, I started it and it sounded worse – like when you try to start the car when it is already running. We moved the car and then I couldn’t get the engine to stop. It is a stick so it should have killed the minute I took my foot off the clutch. We finally got it to stop. It later STARTED ON ITS OWN! No key in the ignition, no one in the car. IT IS A MANUAL TRANSMISSION CAR. It should not be doing this. It moved a few feet and somehow my hubs got it to stop. I got online researching this and Hubs starts calling mechanics and service centers. All said,
“wow, I have never heard of this.” The closest I found online was that it was the solenoid.  A friend recommended her mechanic who said it was probably one of three things, but he would need to look at it. So we drove it over on Monday – it started fine. We got to the mechanics and he started trying to reproduce the problem. He moves some wire and the car starts up, no key in the ignition, no clutch engaged. It was wild. So we left the car and he works on it and replaces the starter. So far so good -it has been 4 days and the car is fine now.

So Wednesday night, the roofers are gone and I have taken the kidlet to soccer. When we get home, our nice neighbor comes over right away. He is apologetic and is telling me how something happened and his truck rolled into our yard. It narrowly missed our house. It took out two trees (little ones). Our lace leaf maple stopped it, saving the kitchen. It could have been so much worse!

So if bad luck comes in 3s – we are done. Please be done!!

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