Badge Requirements and Loops and Pins

As I am looking at my page stats – a lot of people are visiting for my cub scout experiences. I would say wisdom, but I really don’t know how much wisdom is used in herding cats.

My job in the den (we have more than one leader) is to arrange the field trips. Last year, when the boys were Wolves, I would plan the trip based on the schedule and recommendations listed by the head leader. While making arrangements, I would get a copy of the exact requirements or elective out of the wolf handbook to our guide for the adventure. If there were belt loops or pins that were related, I would also get that information to them. I tried emailing links, but pdfs worked much better.

An example of this was the Books elective, we went to the Library. I sent not only the books elective information, but the reading and writing pin/loop and communication pin/loop information. The librarian went through the list and put together her program from the various requirements. The boys were able to accomplish a number of items on the lists. They couldn’t get everything accomplished from the lists, but they accomplished a lot from the lists.

We did have to make book covers another time – but that is a quick project. It is part of a Wolf elective (6c) and also Reading and Writing Pin 5 and Art Pin 9. We cut up paper grocery bags for the covers and decorated them with pen, pencil, crayon and stickers. Directions for making a cover are in the wolf handbook (see the links below) or here is a step by step guide from

As for the herding of cats, our head leader has started some games before we go inside the field trip, to channel some of their energy. We also use 1 parent for every two boys. If they do not behave, they must hold their adult’s hand (such a blow to a grown up third grader). It has been a wonderful experience getting to know each of the boys. I am enjoying working with them, I wish I had their energy!

Resources: – this site has a very useful crossreference between badge requirement and electives and belt loops and pins – go to the bottom of the page for the cub scout resources in pdf



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