We recently took a fun little trip to California. A cousin of mine was getting married, so we wanted to join in the fun. The wedding was over Memorial Day, so we planned to make a vacation out of it.

We took a few days before and after the weekend off from work and school. I booked a sleeper car for the trip there and a plane trip home. The sleeper car was expensive – twice as much as the coach airline tickets, but it was a lot of fun! We waited in a special lounge and were treated like royalty at the station. It was a fun experience that I would definitely do again – but not every time as it takes a lot longer and costs a lot more.

The car rental was a bit tricky. My husband was in charge of that. I placed him in charge of this task as he started micromanaging this portion of the trip as to what type of car he wanted and all the bells and whistles it must have. We had a great car, but paid a lot for it and had to find a cab to the airport to pick it up. In the end we learned that if you are traveling by train, just book with Hertz, or whoever is Amtrak’s current partner. It would have made life simpler.

The wedding was in a cute little town with a wonderful old town area. We found lots of fun little shops and wonderful places to eat.

We then drove to Reno to see more family. We stayed at Circus Circus. Our first day there was nuts as they were packed with Memorial Day tournaments in town. The elevators were not adequate for a full house. The next day everyone was leaving so it calmed down. It was a fun place for kids with arcades and a midway. We ended up having to fit a lot of prizes in our bags to get home.

It was a fun trip – I hope to take the train again!

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