Reading for Cub Scout Recognition

Another scout parent was asking me for reading ideas. Our boys need to read each day for school, and she wanted to see if they could get some scout recognition through reading. I started looking into it, and there is a lot out there! Not all of these require that the child read (there are other ways to learn) but reading is certainly an option. I went through the Tigers and Wolves as I know these programs. I looked at Bears a little, but we have not gotten to that level yet, so don’t take my word as fact. I didn’t even mess with the Webelos program. I listed some of the books my son has read. If anyone has good suggestions, please leave a comment!

Tiger Elective 14 Reading Fun: Together with your adult partner, read a short story or a magazine article.

Requirement 7e With an adult, find three stories that tell how people are protecting our world. Read and discuss them together.
I wrote an entry on this one

Requirement 10d Read a book or “Boy’s Life” magazine with your family. Take turns reading aloud.

Elective 6b Choose a book on a subject you like and read it. With an adult, discuss what you read and what you think about it.

Elective 10a Read a book or tell a story about American Indians, past or present.
Where the Buffaloes Begin by Olaf Baker

Elective 13c Read a book about birds.
Loons: Diving Birds of the North by Donna Love

Elective 14c Read a book about a pet and tell about it at a den meeting.
Me and My Pet Cat by Christine Morley and Carole Orbell

Requirement 3b With the help of your family or den leader, find out about two famous Americans. Tell the things they did or are doing to improve our way of life.

Requirement 4c Read two folklore stories and tell your favorite one to your den.

Elective 1e Read and talk about at least one man-made satellite and one natural one.

Elective 16c Read a book about farm animals and tell your den about it.

Loops and Pins
Astronomy Pin 9 Learn about some of the early space missions. Tell your den or family about one of them.
Astronomy Pin 11   Find a news story about a recent happening related to space. Tell your den or family about this event.

Chess Pin 7 Read about a famous chess player.
Opeinging Moves by Barry Berg

Collecting Pin 3 Read a book about what you collect.
True or False Rocks and Minerals by Melvin and Gilda Berger – This book also met a lot of the geology loop/pin requirements.

Communicating Pin 5 Read a book that has been approved by your parent or teacher. Discuss the book with an adult.

Disability Awareness Pin 3 Read a book about a person with a disability.

Geography Pin 7 Read a book (fiction or nonfiction) in which geography plays an important part.

Language and Culture Pin 12 Read a book or story about an immigrant to the United States.

Map and Compass Pin 3 Read a book or story about a famous explorer or navigator. Tell your den or family what you learned.
Magellan – Marie M. Richards, the Education Reasearch Council of America.

Mathematics Pin Statistic 3 Study a city newspaper to find as many examples as you can of statistical information.

Music Pin 10   Learn about a composer or some music that you enjoy.
The World of Composers: Tchaikovsky by Gretta Cencetti

Nutrition Pin 2   Read the nutrition label from a packaged or canned food item. Learn about the importance of the nutrients listed. Explain what you learned to your den or family.

Pet Care Loop 2   Read a book, explore the Internet (with your parent’s or adult partner’s permission), or acquire a pamphlet about your pet. List three new interesting facts that you learned about your pet.
Me and My Pet Cat by Christine Morley and Carole Orbell

Pet Care Pin 12.  Find out about the pets of U.S. presidents while they lived at the White House. Tell your den about one president and his pet(s).
Presidential Pets by Laura Driscoll and President Adams’ Alligator and Other White House Pets by Peter Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes

Photography Pin 11 Read about a famous photographer and tell his or her story to your den. Explain why he or she is famous or admired.

Reading and Writing Pin 2   Read a book to a child or group of children.
Reading and Writing Pin 3  Participate in a school or community organized reading program
Reading and Writing Pin 6 Read an article from a newspaper or magazine. This can be done on the computer. Report about what you read to an adult.
Reading and Writing Pin 9 Read several jokes and riddles. Create two of your own and share them with your den or family.

Science Pin 8 Learn about a creature that lives in the ocean. Share what you have learned with your den or family.
Science Pin 12 Read a book about a science subject that interests you.

Wildlife Conservation Loop 3 Learn about an endangered species. Make a report to your den that includes a picture, how the species came to be endangered, and what is being done to save it.

Wildlife Conservation Pin 2 Collect and read five newspaper or magazine articles that discuss conservation of wildlife and report to your family or den what you learn.
You might be able to combine this with Wolf 7e

Wildlife Conservation Pin 3   Learn about five animals that use camouflage to protect themselves.

Baseball Pin 11 Read a book about a baseball player and give a report about him or her to your den or family.

Football Pin 10 Read a book about a football player and tell your den or family about the player’s training and work ethics.

Gymnastics Pin 11   Learn about three U.S. gymnasts who have won medals in the Olympics.

Snow Ski and Board Sports Pin 11 Learn about an Olympian who competed in skiing or snowboarding and report to your den.

Soccer Pin 11 Learn about a U.S. Olympic soccer team and report your information to your den.

Swimming Pin 11 Learn about a U.S. swimmer who has earned a medal in the Olympics

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