Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace PosterWriting about the Citizenship poster made me think about the first cub scout poster we made – Leave No Trace.

I have to admit I procrastinated on this project. The night before the poster was needed, I realized I couldn’t find the Tiger Handbook. It took me an hour or so (by now after 8). I read the instructions and my mind went blank as to any idea of what to do. So I tried the internet. Duh!  Stuff popped up. Not a lot of pictures but a few and of course the list – I could have saved that hour looking for the book!

It is really starting to get late. I found a piece of poster board that I had bought earlier. The cat was sitting on it. I flattened it out and got all the cat fur off of it. Carl and I took the six guidelines and typed them into power point, cut out the words and framed them on colored paper and mounted them on the poster board. Carl then went through my scrapbooking stickers to find appropriate illustrations for the guidelines. We got done about ten.

The next day at the meeting there were a wide variety of posters. Many of the boys drew pictures illustrating one or two of the guidelines, some only one. Usually the drawings showed a dog pooping. These were drawings from 6 year olds after all. One dad said they too had a late night and their son did one drawing got really cranky and went to bed.

There were some really amazing posters too. One boy had photos of him out DOING the guidelines (no dog doodoo in the photos) another used an 11X17 piece of paper, and had small drawings showing each guideline.

In the end I discovered the poster is not something to stress over. The guidelines are great lessons for my son to learn.

Here are the guidelines:
1. Plan ahead.
2. Stick to trails.
3. Manage your pet.
4. Leave what you find.
5. Respect other visitors.
6. Trash your trash.

Here is a link describing the guidelines:

Here are some more Leave No Trace Poster Examples:

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