Of Collecting and Citizenship

Today at the den meeting the boys brought their collectionsin order earn their Wolf Collection Requirements (6b and 6c). They also brought their posters they have made for various belt loops.

The day ended a bit sadly for Carl – his poster got soaked in the rain and he dropped his rock collection in the house and his two favorite rocks broke. I felt so bad.

He displayed the rocks in boxes with small bins in them. The first we picked up at Micheals. There are cheaper places to find them like Harbor Freight or Big Lots. Even with the broken rocks, it is still a good collection.

For the Citizenship belt loop, the requirement is: “Make a poster showing things that you can do to be a good citizen.” Carl made four panels and drew pictures to illustrate the following statements:

  1. Care about and help people
  2. Obeying the law
  3. Standing up for the rights of all Americans
  4. Take care of America’s land, water and natural places

It turned out nice, but not much can withstand the downpour tonight.

He has since recovered and is on to other things…


Here are some links to Citizenship poster ideas:




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