Some More Helpful Cubscout Sites

I found two more helpful sites for Cub Scouts.

If you are in the Cascade Pacific Council, here is a great site of segments that are available:
This is the site of Pack 503 here in Oregon. Kudos to Sean Ferriss for putting together such a great page!

I also found a really helpful PDF for the Hiking Belt Loop and pin:
This PDF is much more comprehensive than other pages for the new Hiking Belt Loop. It includes a checklist, safety rules, symbols, leave no trace and a first aid kit list. This is on the Maryland Pack 407 website and is created by Kevin Nelson. Thank you for such a useful document!

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One Response to Some More Helpful Cubscout Sites

  1. leslieaross says:

    It appears that the hiking belt loop pdf is gone – however I do have it.

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