Halloween Costume

Last week we went through the excitement of finding Carl his Halloween costume. First he tells me he wants to be Darth Maul. I find this a bit disturbing as he is a bad guy, but am willing to go with it. The makeup might be fun. Carl talks about the double light saber – that is the important part. Ah so that is why he wants to be Darth Maul. While at Costco I found a double light saber toy, bought it and brought it home. I thought I would be super mommy.

While he was really happy and excited to receive this light saber, he pointed out that the colors were wrong, so he would have to be General Grievous. Who? Was he a character from the cartoon? So I looked him up – a robot-type guy. I am starting to run out of time – so I look online for costumes. I see one on the website for a store we have nearby. No, that was only offered online. Argh! So we shop at a few more stores and find one costume that is too big. They check inventory and there is one Carl’s size about 25 miles away. Thanks, no. So we ask him what else he would like to be. He picks Anakin Skywalker, but would like a cape. The costume doesn’t come with one, but I have made them before and they are simple enough.

The next day I head off to Joann’s. I can’t find the nice plain brown flannel I have used in the past to make capes. Then a pattern catches my eye. Instead of making the simple one piece super-hero trailing cape, I get the pattern for a cloak style cape with a hood. What was I thinking?

I get everything home and read the pattern instructions. I lay out the cloth and the pattern, go to get pins and come back and April, one of the cats, has made a nest of it and is drooling on my pattern. Fortunately, the pattern is not torn and the cats are locked up for the rest of the afternoon.

It takes a lot longer to cut out the pieces. The first thing is to hem the front panels. This takes a while – this fabric is tough on the inside. I take a panel with me while I wait to pick up Carl at his after school class. Once I get it done the sewing of the main cape panels is quick. We had a movie at school that evening, so I take the cape with me to keep hemming. After the movie was over, my fingers are sore and I am done hemming, one of the moms suggests I use Badge Magic for the hems. That would have saved a lot of trouble. The next morning I sew in the hood. It is done. Carl loves it.

He wears it to the party that afternoon. He wears it out to dinner that night. He wears it to church on Sunday. He wears it to the Oregon Symphony’s Children Concert. He wears it to my birthday dinner at South Park. He wanted to wear it to school, but I wouldn’t let him.

It was worth the work.

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