Of Quilts and Loops

Cub Scouts has been a good thing for my son. I thought it was a good experience and gave him a chance to socialize. I didn’t realize how much more it gave him.

He school has an amazing Art Literacy program. Throughout the year the students learn about an artist and do a hands-on project similar to the artist’s work. Recently they studied the artist Faith Ringgold. I was not familiar with her work. I am now a fan. She creates a painting and then sews them into a quilt and writes a story around them. For the project the children made a quilt edge of pretty paper squares and their photo in the middle. Around the edge they wrote what they have learned they could do and what they were proud of doing. My son learned that he could draw (thanks Young Rembrandts classes) and he was proud of earning belt loops and pins (a program through Cub Scouts.)

So we are working on more belt loops and pins. Some have topics of interest to my husband – so I print out the requirement list and he and my son work on them. I am finding we complete a lot of the requirements at school, at home in our everyday life and at scouting events. He is proud of the loops and pins.


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One Response to Of Quilts and Loops

  1. leslieaross says:

    Because of the Art Lit program we gave the boys from our school credit to Art Belt Loop #2 Demonstrate how six of the following elements of design are used in drawing: lines, circles, dots, shapes, colors, patterns, textures, space, balance, or perspective.

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