New Oil Discoveries

I found two oils recently that are very good, Olivado Avocado Oils and Navidi’s Olive Oils.

The Avocado Oils were being sampled at a wine tasting we attended. My husband and son went and sampled it. My son loved the lemon infused oil and my husband the chilli infused oil. So I bought both plus the plain Avocado oil as a gift. I haven’t used the chilli oil yet, but I have been using the lemon oil. I recently used it to drizzle on potatoes and garlic before I roasted them. It was very good.

I found the Navidi Olive Oil at the Portland Women’s Show. I love that show! My son had the day off school so he came with me. At first he wasn’t too thrilled with being there. Then he discovered there was a lot of food to taste and games to play and things to win. He had a great time. Anyway back to the Navidi Oil. The company is based in Camas, Washington. It doesn’t say where the olives are from, but I did find a delicious Blood Orange infused oil that is really good. I roasted some cauliflower with it – what a great combination.

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