Jams and Jellies notes

P1010803 lo resUpdated chart for jams and jellies
Plum Conserve       2 quarts    6 cups of pulp     none
Blackberry Jelly       6 pints      3 cups of juice     MCP
Sweet Cherry Jam   3 lbs         3 cups chopped   MCP
Raspberry Jelly        5 pints     4 cups of juice     Certo (2 packs)
Salsa Jam                 16 oz Jar                                Certo (2 packs)
Grape Jelly               3 lbs        4 cups of juice      Certo
Pepper Jelly             1 lb          3 cups of juice      MCP
Strawberry Jam       4 pts        4 cups crushed     Certo
Strawberry Jam       6 pts        5-3/4 c crushed     MCP
Sour Cherry Jam     3 lbs         4 cups chopped   Certo
Sour Cherry Jam     3 lbs         3-1/4 c chopped   MCP
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