Cars Cheat Codes

I have mentioned before my son LOVES the Disney/Pixar movie "Cars". He has many of the little cars (many, many, many) as well as other toys and two computer (PC) video games. He loves them. They were on his "Thankful List" written at school this Thanksgiving.  Once at church, he was asked what he was afraid of, his resonse. "I’m afraid my video games will get taken away." Their use is restricted and they have gone in a time out.
Here are the cheat code I have found for the two games:
Cars Video Game (PC)
All Cars
Cheat code: YAYCARS
All Concept Art
Cheat code: CONC3PT
All Movies
Cheat code: WATCHIT
All Races
Cheat code: MATTL66
All Tracks And Mini-Games
Cheat code: IF900HP
Super Fast Start
Cheat code: IMSPEED
Unlimited Boost
Cheat code: VROOOOM
Bonus Chopper Mini-Game
Cheat code: TRGTEXC
Radiator Springs Adventures (PC) – press F12
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