Wine Tasting in June

At the end of June we made a trip out to Dundee for some more wine tasting. We discovered that this is a great time to taste wines, plus we discovered a new place to eat, two new (to us) wineries and a nice place to stay.
We stayed at Wine County Cottage. It is located walking distance (ok it is a good walk) from Stoller Vineyards. It was a nice quiet house with really nice features. I do recommend them. Here is their link:
First we went to Stoller. We were just there over Memorial Day. We love their Pinot Noirs. They have a JV (Junior Vines) and SV (Senior Vines). Both are very good.
Then we went to White Rose, which is only a short drive away. We had our wine club shipment to pick up. They have great pinot noirs. Their cellar club is a great deal too.
There is also a new winery called Dreamcatcher that they were sampling at White Rose. It is a woody spicy Pinot, they will do well in the future.
The next day we had lunch at a new restaurant in Dundee called Farm to Fork. It is part of the new Inn at Red Hills. They had soups and sandwiches that were very tasty.
We then went to Four Graces. I will be honest. We found tasting passes at the cottage, so we thought that we would give the winery a try. They had a beautiful tasting room and some very good pinot noirs. They also have a tasty pinot blanc and pinot gris. They are on the north end of Dundee.
Our last stop was at DePonte Cellars. We have been driving by this winery for over five years now and keep saying we should try them. We shouldn’t have waited so long! It was so good! I can hardly wait to go back. Their Clay Hill was really a wonderful wine. The others are good too.
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