Memorial Day Winetasting

We went winetasting in Yamhill County over Memorial Day this year.
The first day we focused on Wineries west of Newberg, down highway 240.
We went to Penner Ash, Patricia Green, Beaux Freres, Shea and JK Carriere. While at Penner Ash, someone told us of a party concept – a Shea party, everyone bring a bottle of wine with Shea grapes in it. It is possible as many wineries have bottlings of Shea. We bought some of their Shea futures.
We picked up futures at Beaux Freres and ordered futures from Penner Ash, Patricia Green, Beaux Freres and Shea. At JK Carriere we bought some of their wonderful white Pinot Noir – Glass.
For the next tasting day we focused on the Red Hills south of Dundee. We had been to a few of the wineries there before and wanted to go to some that we had not been to. We went to Stoller, Vista Hills, Winter’s Hill, White Rose and Durant (Cottonwood was also tasting there). We really liked Stoller and White Rose – they are some of our favorites. Vista Hill had some tasty wines too, plus I love their tasting room. Winter’s Hill specialty seems to be more in the sweet wines. The location was charming. Durant is at Red Ridge Farms, whick is a really cool nursery featuring herbs and their own Olive Oil.
We have in the past visited Wine Country Farms, Domaine Serene, Domaine Drouhin and Archery Summit. We still have never visited DePonte or Sokol Blosser.  Next time maybe…
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