Tying Shoes

We are working on teaching Carl to tie his shoes. This skill is not coming quickly to him.
I found a YouTube video that is helping:
For the end of the year, there were five things the teacher wants the kids to learn. They are:
1. First and Last Name
2. Address including city and state
3. Phone number
4. Birthday day and month
5. Tying your shoes
The list came home two weeks ago. The first four were no problem, but we didn’t have tie shoes for Carl. He hadn’t had a pair of tied shoes in a few years. They all had velcro. So with a very lucky trip to Ross Dress for Less, we came home with a pair of tied shoes that are cool. Cool to my son is white with red Ironman hightops.
So now we practice. And practice and practice. It will happen.
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One Response to Tying Shoes

  1. Faithfulmom says:

    This is awesome! I just love technology when life becomes easier. I think our little guys are both going to kindergarten soon or close. Is your guy still into the Disney Cars? My guy loves Transformers and recently, Pokemon.

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