It was recently our sixth wedding anniversary. This was the first time in a couple of years we celebrated. Two years ago my grandma died on our anniversary and the next year was still pretty sad.
This year the day didn’t ache so much, but it fell over Easter weekend. With the two family celebrations, we didn’t get much time to ourselves.
I once again tried to put some thought into a gift. There really wasn’t anything Rich wanted other than our house paid off (let me see what I can do there big guy.) I looked up what the tradtional/modern anniversary gifts are. For the sixth I found listings that said candy, iron and wood. I went over to Harbor Freight (we have one nearby) and looked for ideas. I got him a mini sledge hammer with a wooden handle (iron and wood) and some rocky road chocolate. He liked it and laughed at the hammer. Rich got me 18 red roses.
My brother Paul gave us the funniest card. It was from American Greetings and listed a "Standard Schedule of Anniversary Gifts." The first, twenty-fifth and fiftieth were the known ones. The rest were too funny – caulking, duct tape, rayon, soup, balsa … The sixth was styrofoam, he gave a gift bag with formed styrofoam from a box. It was too funny. 
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