Still Home

Carl is feeling much better, but I have to keep him home today too.
I am looking for projects for him for Earth Day.  I have found a site with a lot of good ideas:
I used it last time Carl was on recovery day – looking for projects that have something to do with topics of study that week and to keep me from going crazy.
Last time he was sick, I found some great pages (on dltk and on other sites) for the letter X. Besides Xray and Xylophone, we learned about Xenops (a south american bird) and Xiphias (a swordfish).
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One Response to Still Home

  1. Leslie says:

    Answers to the Earth day vocabulary:1.Rachel Carson2. Mardy Murie3. Ecology4. Recycle5. Denis Hayes6. Earth Day7. Environment8. Gaylord Nelson9. Conservation

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