White Christmas

For the second time in my life we are having a white Christmas. I lived in Denver for many years, but was always in the NW for Christmas, so rarely was there snow on the ground.
The last time we were living in Seattle – I was in grade school. Our neighbor had to go to the hospital in an emergency – I remember the ambulance lights on the snow. Happily she was fine, but her kids were really scared that day. My mom sat with them until their dad got home.
I do remember the year it snowed the day after Christmas – feets worth of snow in Seattle. The city was paralyzed. I was able to get a flight out 4 days later.
This year we don’t have far to travel, we got chains for the trip to Dad’s.
Here is a video of Christmas morning:
Carl recieved a bunch of toys – but his favorite thing is the packing popcorn from one of his presents.
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