That tune you can’t get out of your head

This morning my son got a tune in his head. He was watching the Little Einsteins, and a few lines were played that stuck with him.
Unfortunately, it was not part of the main piece featured in the show, so it was not mentioned on Wiki. IMDB doesn’t list the music.
Carl was trying to sing it for Rich and me, but it was hard to figure out the true tune from his da da da da dee dee dee’s. I did finally get a hint of the true tune, and "la-ed" it back to him. He said that was it. I had heard the music before, but couldn’t remember it. My high school music history and literature teacher would be so disappointed, sorry Mr Wrye. I do really remember a lot from that class. We would listen to music and read about composers and styles of music. The book part was easy but I had a hard time remembering the titles and composers of the works by hearing the music. We also had to write about instruments playing and other information about the music. That was tough. I also remember every day in class Steve Buuck would let us know when it was 11:11 and 11 seconds on his digital watch. Funny things you remember.
Anyway back to the music in Carl’s head. He gets out his violin and tries to play this tune. It was too complex for his skills right now – but the kids gets an A for effort. I did remember that the music was on a Baby Einstein DVD, but which one? 
So we started watching DVDs. I knew it wasn’t on Baby Bach, Baby Mozart or the Language Nursery – he didn’t watch those very much. Baby Bach and Mozart had characters in them that scared him as a baby, at five he still doesn’t want to watch the videos. So I started with Baby Beethoven. no luck. I found it on the next one, Baby Galileo. We hadn’t lost the DVD insert that listed the music, so I was able to identify the piece: Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusic K. 525 Rondo (4th movement).
I was familiar with the first movement, as is Carl. Here is a link to Carl playing the first movement:
granted it isn’t on the violin, but the kazoo is a start.
So we have now watched Baby Galileo three times and I think I am going to hide the DVD for a while. They are proving a useful tool in teaching Carl music. 
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