Tomato Chutney

I am researching recipes for tomato chutney.
It started this morning. Rich said, "We should do something about all these tomatoes." This in Richese means "When are you going to deal with these tomatoes." However I can usually translate this to a We project. He used the word.
Anyway there is plenty of  tomato sauce in the freezer. The tomatoes arenn’t the right size to dry. I did can some salsa, but you have to cook it which I don’t like.
I stopped at Trader Joes this morning to get a few items. Really, just a few. Vinegar, two cheeses and salad dressing was all. A friend works there, she started showing me some of the new items that she is crazy about. SO $75 later, I am walking out the door with the new cooler bag full of stuff including their new Tomato Chutney.
So tonight we will try this chutney on our pork chops. We will then see if it is an option for our tomatoes. SO I am looking up recipes.
I found this recipe for tomato chutney online:
I also found a recipe in a cookbook called, "Mrs Balbir Singh’s Indian Cookery." I found the book (used of course) at Powells. The inscription says "Barbara Miller, New Dehli, 1970." I am having a little trouble figuring out some of the ingredients.
I also found a recipe in "The Good Cook’s Book of Tomatoes," by Michele Anna Jordan.
We will see what happens.
Grapes have also started ripening. A neighbor gave me her grapes – concords and some table grapes. I made jelly with Carl and the neighbor girl Abby. I was more tired and had a bigger mess to clean up after that one batch than on the days I make 3 or 4 batches of jelly by myself.
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