Sasquatch Gang

I mentioned earlier that Rich and I were extras in some local movies. When they came out on video, we bought them. Between the clothing bought for one scene and the cost of the videos – we spent more than we took in.
We watched one of the movies recently – "The Sasquatch Gang." Since Carl watched it with us, we had the remotes ready "in case." The movie was a pleasent surprise. The story was told from two points of view. It was light and cute – with only one really "gross out" part. Carl loved it and now wants to watch it about once a week.
We couldn’t find ourselves in the crowd – even though we know where we were and what we were wearing. It was also a good opportunity to talk to Carl about entertainment and acting. The example we were able to use was Jeff D’Agostino. In the movie he plays a pretty rotten character, but in the photos I have, he is a nice guy. He signed a lot of autographs and posed for a lot of photos that day! Check out his "zoolander" at the bottom of the page!
There are some very talented people in this movie. The one person who impressed me was Hubbel Palmer. He has a great voice.
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