We are growing tomatoes in our garden once again. They are running very late this year – about 6 weeks. We are finally getting some Early Girls, Lemon Boys, Sungolds and Romas. I may be working on a lot of green tomato recipes this year. I didn’t keep a very good record of what we planted and some of the tags have gone missing…
We went to a Tomato Tasting at Farmington Gardens. It was very good. The Washington County Master Gardeners were working the tasting end. Red Ridge Farms also had a booth promoting their Olive Oil. Chef Dan Brophy from the Oregon Culinary Institute, had cooking demonstrations – with some very good recipes! There were some green tomato recipes in there too. His assistant got lost getting there (poor girl) she said she had a nice drive in the country.
We tasted 17 different types of tomatoes. They were still a bit cold, so the full flavor hadn’t come out. There were the ones we liked:
Pink Beauty
Cherokee Chocolate
Marvel Stripe
Hancock Shaker
Aunt Ginny
Principe Borghese
Striped German
Red Currant
Mammoth german
Aunt Gerties Gold
Mariannas Peace
Brandywine Pink
We do have a mystery tomato that is producing well. It is a yellow cherry tomato – with round fruit. My mom (in the master gardener program) was given the plant by a client who brought it in to see if they could figure out what was wrong with it. It turns out the guy’s wife accidently gave it some weed killer. It survived this. She brought it over and dropped it off at my house and told me to get it in the ground right away. We were out when she left it, didn’t see it right away and it was late before we even go the message. We were also leaving early the next morning for a beach trip. So we moved it into the greenhouse (don’t be impressed it is a tent thing in the backyard). Rich left a message with the neighbor feeding the cats and asked him to water the plants in the greenhouse. When we got home the plant is not looking good at all and the neighbor confessed to accidently watering it with Carl’s bubbles. So we planted it that night (in the dark). With TLC it has survived and thrived.
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