Videos and other summer events

I posted some new videos to my youtube account:
Here is a new videos of my nephew David:
Carl loves watching video of his cousin!
Summer has been fun and busy. We had a trip to the beach, vacation bible school at a few churches (our church, preschool church and grandma and grandpas church) and classes at the rec center.
I have been making some jams and jellies. Our berry bushes have been producing well. The blue berries are not a prolific as they have been – we are going to need to prune this fall.  The rest of our garden is not doing so well. Tomatos are really late, as are peppers. We have only harvested 2 zucchinis – we should be at a stage where people are avoiding us so we won’t make them take a zucchini.
So we are off for another day of fun!
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2 Responses to Videos and other summer events

  1. snow says:

    What a rich summer! Have you seen the Olympic games? It\’s been holding in Beijing, I feel so proud of it:) And I have seen many different color people here in Bj, It\’s great, I feel like just staying in a very small global village. It\’s great! Have fun!

  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks for stopping by – I haven\’t "talked" to you in awhile 🙂 
    I was able to pick my first cucumber out of my garden last week and tonight I picked another one.  I think the plants I bought are producing super-sized ones because the one I picked tonight was over 14" long!!  I\’ve got lots of tomatoes on and they are finally beginning to turn to a light orange color.  I should hopefully be able to start picking them by next week (of course right around the time I should have newborn – haha).
    Have a great weekend and I need more updates more often 😉

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