Of late

Life continues on…
Carl is still in preschool. He continues to do well – he is starting to read, is getting better at using the scissors and writing and is a good kid. He is also doing well in sports class and swimming. We were at Big Lots a few weeks ago and Carl HAD to have a little putting set. He worked so hard to get the stars to earn that one. He now golfs aroung the house.
Rich is working hard at work and school. Right now he is getting ready to present a poster.
Mom gave us a scare. They found some small tumors on her thyroid. The initial tests indicated that it was cancer, so she had the thyroid removed. I don’t know how it ended up, but she had her surgery at Emmanuel. I will say this avoid Emmanuel Hospital in Portland Oregon if you can. The nurses seemed to think their life is much more important than caring for patients – you know the customers that pay for their services. My mom would call for a nurse and if they bothered showing it would often not be for a half an hour. They never asked her about her pain level. They ran off before she could even finish a request. Don’t give me any crap about them being busy. She is the customer.  To top this horrid experience off, I am there with my son to take her home. A nurse is helping us with her things, but there is no wheelchair or carts. We are about to go out the front door when five police bring a mouthy handcuffed you man in. Within a foot of my son. I don’t care if they claim a good children’s hospital, I will not take my son there again.
On a happier note – Rich and I celebrated our anniversary. We went to the Farmers Market and to Powells. Mom took Carl for the evening and we went out to dinner. The Farmers Market was packed. I got some of the Salumeria di Carlo sandwiches (and brought home a frozen pack of the sausages). Rich doesn’t like crowds much so he said he wasn’t hungry and took Carl to the playground. I bought him a sausage anyway and he really liked it – and yes he was hungry. I couldn’t get Carl to eat until we left the playground then he was REALLY hungry. I got him some cereal and a hard boiled egg (his choices) at a little campus coffee shop. So he was riding around in his little wagon eating hard boiled egg and dry cereal.
New videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKVKp7MVmxY (carl is the boy with the red jersey)

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