Catch up

It has been a while since I have written!
Life continues on in our household. Rich made it through the last term even with a business trip right before finals. Our first weekend class free, what does he want to do? Go to Powells Technical Bookstore and look for books for next term. The romantic. It actually was a fun night. We went to dinner at a little cafe between the main bookstore and the technical bookstore. Rich went over to the technical bookstore and Carl and I went to the main bookstore. I know where the children’s clearnce books are, so we always stop there first. We have a lot of children’s books.
Carl is doing well in preschool. This term was very busy with preschool, sports class, swimming and violin lessons. We are continuing the swimming and sports class through the rec center system, but will be looking into private lessons – the violin class through the rec program cost as much as preschool! It was a great way to see if he liked it, since we only had to commit to a month of lessons.
I continue on. I am finding maintaining my weight is a lot harder than loosing it. It isn’t like I am putting the 50 lbs back on, but it is tough not to overeat. With spring coming, I will get out more, this should help with the activity level.
I took Carl to his kindergarten orientation. He and the other children seemed most excited about the prospect of riding the school bus. He was a little lost in the large class, but I think he will do ok. The district just opened another school nearby, so I don’t think it will be too crowded.
He is doing great at preschool. He is ahead of his level on everything but writing and using scissors. So we work on that at home. One thing we are discovering is that Carl, like his dad, is partially left handed. He writes with his right, but does some other things better with his left. Using scissors and batting are two we discovered this term.
While he isn’t crazy about writing letters, he is facinated by spelling and the sounds the letters represent.
I have been helping at the preschool. It is a lot of fun. I help with activities and make the snacks. I am also there to keep an eye on the kids if the teacher needs to get something from the other room. I have the children count to 30 while the teacher is gone. It keeps them focused.
On big concern of late is both my mother and stepmother have surgery coming up.  I am concerned about Judi’s but really worried about mom’s. She may have cancer. We will know after the 4th.
Found another foodie blog, Life’s Too Short to Eat Fat Free Cheese:
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One Response to Catch up

  1. snow says:

    Hi, Leslie, there\’s been such a long time i haven\’t coming to your home spot, hope everything going smoothly with you and your family.
    three thing i want to say to you after reading the above, they are,
    1, about losing weight, maybe you can try like this, eat as much as fresh fruits before each meal, or you can try to drink more water, that will help. Insisting on doing so, you may feel you are already full before eating those kind of food with great fattiness.
    2, it\’s good to hear Carl is doing great at preschool.
    3, How\’s your mom? Hoping everything going well with her.

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