Yet another way to spend money…

I have found another way to spend money on the kitchen and cooking items. My friend Tana, invited me to a Demarle at Home Party. I almost didn’t go. The party was quite a drive – in Camas, and at the last minute I found out Rich needed to go into the university, so I would need to take Carl or find a sitter. I called Tana and she said it would be fine to bring Carl. So we set out to the party.
The drive to Camas wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – about a half hour. The business that the party was located in was in the downtown area – which was very charming. Carl and I explored it after the party. The party was held at a wonderful cafe/cooking school called "Around the Table."  I fell in love with the products – they have a wide variety of cooking and baking products, but their flexible bakeware is the hallmark of their line. I liked the show because the salesperson, karen, not only presented the products in a fun and useful way, she gave ideas for using them with food I have in my house.
We then walked the downtown area of Camas. At a shop called the "Paper Lantern" I found some wonderful teapot and cup sets. I may go and get one for my mom  for mother’s day. On our way out I thought it might be nice to drive to Washougal (the next town over) to visit the Pendleton Outlet (always looking for a clothing deal!) Unfortunately I missed the road to the eastbound highway and only could go west back to town. SO that adventure is saved for another day.
While many tasty dishes were served, my favorites were little tarts with mushrooms and blue cheese and a egg casserole with chili relleno flavors. Karen said the egg recipe was in one of the cookbooks, but I couldn’t find it – plus they were a little hard to read. I did find a blog with some egg and cheese recipe ideas.
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  1. LA says:

    Around The Table\’s website has changed

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