Project of the Morning

Today was registration day for classes through our Parks and Rec district. The phone lines opened up at 8, the website at 10. I tried to get through on the phone lines all morning. At ten I started trying to register online. It started taking over 20 minutes the registration pages to load. I finally got through. We didn’t get Carl in the exact swimming class we wanted, but we got him in one at the location we chose.  That was a frustrating morning.
So we are taking it easy this afternoon. Rich set up Carl’s new racetrack and they are racing their cars and sending them flying. They are having too much fun. The track set was from my brother’s family. My nephew really wanted to get it for Carl, which is why they chose it. Rich set it up with 3 loops and lots of turns. So far I either send it flying into the woodpile on a turn (too fast) or it falls off the track at the turn (too slow). Right now Carl is trying to explain to Rich how to make your car land in the woodpile. It is too funny.
This reminds me of a time about a lifetime ago, when my photographer had a track set up in his studio. It was a lot of fun, but I never got the hang of it then – always sent the cars zooming off into some backdrops. The photographer and the technician would often race while they should have been working. Oh yeah the photographer and his DAD ran the business. I guess one time son photographer and technician were racing and dad photographer and a CLIENT started coming in the back door. The son photographer and the technician didn’t want to get caught so they DOVE under the table to HIDE, leaving the throttles swinging off the table. The customer didn’t know…
The son eventually ‘fessed to the dad.
One of the classes I signed up for is a recipe organization class. This is something I am working on. The blog helps – I know where to look for some common recipes. I have a tendency to write stuff down, clip it or even print it and stuff it in two gallon zipper bags. I have several. Then I have to dig through the bags to find the recipes.
I have three recipe organizers that I will be working with before the class. I am sure they will be full by the time I get through the bags and pile. I also have a stack of magazines to go through and clip and toss.
I have gone through my cookbook library. I am addicted to buying those things, though I have cut back in the last year. I have made a pile to take to Powells – one I never even took out of the plastic shrink wrap. I also have some really cool ones. I have my grandmothers old Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook and Better Homes and Gardens red plaid notebook cookbook. I recently bought a vintage cookbook called, "Mrs Balbir Singh’s Indian Cookery." It was a gift to someone while in New Dehli in 1970. Stuck inside was an article from the Pittsburgh Press for some Indian recipes.
For Christmas I received a book called "The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest." It has some interesting recipes for marmalades and jellies. I gave a lot of jellies for gifts this year. While most have been well received, the one that has gotten the raves was the habanero jelly. I have been requested to make more. I told my mom this, and she goes off on "they are so simple to make…" I stopped her there – she had to leave because she couldn’t even BREATH while I was processing the peppers.
I also gave some cookbooks as gifts. I gave Misako a copy of the "Mrs Singh’s" cookbook (they had two older copies there at Powells). I gave my brother Dave a collection of the Michele Anna Jordan books, The Good Cooks Book of Oil & Vinegar, Mustard and Tomatoes. I was able to find the Oil & Vinegar and Mustard books at Powells, but we had to mail order the Tomato book. It arrived Christmas Eve (my mom was leaving Christmas Day to go to my brother’s and taking the presents with her.) Nothing like cutting it close.
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One Response to Project of the Morning

  1. snow says:

    hi, Leslie, it sounds that you\’re addictioner of cookbook, and you have collected so many cookbooks including those from different time and areas. & how about our Chinese food, do you interested in that, if you surely do, maybe i can give you some information about that.
    Have a great day!

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