Eating Out

We recently went to three restaurants – all new to us. All three were great discoveries.
On Friday we were invited to a late evening party, so we looked for a place nearby and found Pazzo Ristorante. The food was great and the staff was very warm and helpful. I was very impressed with our waitress who was very helpful to the people next to us, one a picky vegetarian and the other allergic to shellfish. I had ravioli (not a good weight loss food) and the soup. Rich had a ceasar salad and risotto. It was very good. We had a Sokol Blossor "Pinot Noir/Syrah" that was very tasty also.
We recently went to a new place nearby – Biscuits Cafe. It was in the location of our formerly favorite Italian Restaurant. The food was great. Rich wasn’t sure if he wanted eggs benedict or biscuits and gravy – they had a dish that was like a cross. I had corned beef hash red potatoes and eggs. Oh yes a biscuit. Not good weight loss fare either. The corned beef hash was homemade – and wonderful. I only ate about half the meal it was so huge. All but one person at the place were nice. The only drawback was the coffee wa really really bad. Everything else was great – just avoid the coffee.
The third is part of a chain I had been to before, we had never been to this location. We went to the Oak Hills BrewPub. It is part of the McMenamin’s chain. We weren’t sure if we could take Carl in, but it was ok until 10. The food and beer were very good – as with the other locations we have been to. I really liked this one because it was small, had other families dining and really had a neighborhood feel.
So now we have three great new restaurants in our eating out rotation.
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One Response to Eating Out

  1. Faithfulmom says:

    Sounds all wonderful!  Scooter loved and seemed genuinely grateful with new toys!  He did get a few of CARS but mostly Thomas the Trains.  Blessings in the New Year!

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