Tale of Two Magnums

We do enjoy good wine in our household (ok the adults do!) In trips to wine country we usually buy regularly sized bottles of wine. When a wine we really love is sold out of the regularly sized bottles, we will buy a magnum. They are hard to store, and then we seem hesitant to drink them. Somehow we went through both that we had this Christmas season.
The first was an Evanstad Reserve Pinot Noir from Domaine Serene. It was the 2001 that we purchased in 2005 at the Thanksgiving open house. Carmen had come over. Rich was working late, so she and I were catching up. We had just finished a bottle of wine (Shea Pinot Noir – also great) when Rich called to let us know he had passed his second and final comprehensive exam towards his PhD. He still has coursework, research and a dissertation to complete, but this is a big hurdle that is done. So I told him we were breaking out the magnum of Evanstad Reserve and he should get home if he wanted any. When he got home, there was still half a bottle left, so he did get to enjoy the wine. It was definitely worth the inconvenience of storing the larger bottle. We ate homemade hummus and vegetables and a Hickory Farms cheese ball (the original flavor – such memories…) and crackers. It was a great combination.
The other magnum was Patricia Green Pinot Noir 2004 Whistling Ridge Vineyard. This was also purchased in 2005 at the Thanksgiving open house. We took it to moms for Christmas Eve dinner. She has had Patricia Green wine once or twice and really wanted to try this – she also really wanted to go to the winery this Thanksgiving but that didn’t work out (another story). When we got to moms in the late afternoon, we first drank whatever mom had open. Mom was frazzled, as she always works herself into. I could talk about her ability to micromanage minutia but what good would it do? I am learning to accept her for who she is while not getting sucked into her frazzle. Anyway, she left at the start of the dinner preparation to take the dog to the pet hotel (Mom was leaving Christmas Day for Seattle.)
While she was gone my husband and brother started deep frying the Turkey. They finally used the Costco Fryer, which worked great. Mom had made roasted carrots and oven baked stuffing. The carrots were in the warming drawer and the stuffing was cooking. I was boiling the potatoes for mashed potatoes. Paul, Rich and I cracked the magnum. It was so good – another magnum worth the storage. In the meantime, I set the table, made the salad, sliced the bread (olive bread from Grand Café, nummy!) Paul and Rich would alternate coming in to fill their glasses – always leaving someone out there to watch the fryer (good boys!) Carmen came and we poured her a glass (hey I just realized Carmen was involved in both of these wines – lucky girl.)
Mom then got home (over an hour later) just as we discovered the potatoes were over boiled – I stuck a fork in them and they fell apart. Mom then tasted the store-bought gravy. It was not good – so we worked to improve that. We had boiled the neck and used that and some dried chicken broth to improve the flavor. I would not recommend purchased gravy or dried chicken broth, neither taste very good. Mom then asked for a glass of wine. She got the last glass out of the magnum. My brother and husband had drank the bottle! So Rich and Paul went to get another bottle of wine from Mom’s collection. They selected a Domaine Serene Fleur de Lis Pinot Noir – it was too was a wonderful wine.
So in this last month we enjoyed our two wine magnums. They were wonderful and good purchases.
Domaine Serene website:
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