Christmas Shopping – Cars

I have mentioned my son’s love of Disney Pixar’s Cars – the movie, the video games and the houseful of toys. Last Christmas my dad and stepmom started my son on his prized posessions – the small metal Cars characters. The thing with these toys is they are never ending. Just when I think we have all of them, they release new characters. Why is it my son only seems to break or loose the cars that are hard to find? Ok he never trully looses them – they are SOMEWHERE in this house.
So I have been trying to figure out what is available out there. I found this website with various lists and release rumors, this is the closest I have seen to a comprehensive list of Disney Pixar Cars:
I also found a lot of pictures and photos of the cars on these sites:
I use these sites for reference – you can find the cars cheaper (or more strongly DO NOT BUY THEM ON THE INTERNET). I have bought them at Target (best price for single pack cars), Toys R Us and Walgreens (the most expensive at full list price, but still cheaper than the above websites.) I have seen them at Fred Meyer (same price as Walgreens) and Walmart (priced higher than Target, lower than Toys R Us). It looked like Kmart carries them, but when I shopped there, they were out. Walmart was a bit of a disappointment. They were advertising that they had lots in stock, including their exclusive models, when I went there, all they had were 47 Sallys and 3 Sheriffs (both of which we had multiples.) They did have a good price on Certo – so the stop was worth it (it was on the way to my Dad’s house, it would not have been worth the price if I was driving there just to shop).
One of Carl’s gifts this year is a twin bed.  Yes his sheets and such will be Cars themed.
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2 Responses to Christmas Shopping – Cars

  1. Faithfulmom says:

    My Scooter is getting a lotof CARS stuff this Christmas (umbrella, backpack, shoes and socks-Payless Shoes).  He loves the few cars that he has.  I guess I should hit Target soon because WalMart is the only place I see them.   Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. snow says:

    Hi, Leslie, it\’s Christmas week, merry Christmas & happy new year to you and all your families, the wish is a little
    bit late, hope you can receive it too:)
    Only three days left for the brand new year–2008, what kind of plan do you have? How about to improving your
    cooking level? maybe we can enjoy with each other.

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