Christmas starts

Christmas is slowly starting in our household. A tradition is starting that we don’t really focus on Christmas until finals are over. Today they are over.  Yeah. This was a rough term, and I wasn’t the one taking the class.
I have started a little shopping. I picked up a few fun things for Carl – musical instruments, a set of his little Cars (half he has, half I can’t find anywhere else) and some books. We have the photo with Santa.  There is still a lot to do, some things would be nice, others need to get done.
At preschool I have been helping with the gingerbread houses. It is a three day process. They start with forms from small milk cartons – with special cuts and folds so the box is shaped like a house. Using frosting, the children glued them to a carboard base and then glued on gingerbread to the sides. After that had dried the kids decorated the roof. That was enough for one day. On days two and three they decorated (will decorate) the sides. Each side has something special – candy canes, a gingerbread man, a snowman and a Christmas tree. It has been a lot of fun helping.
I wrote up our Christmas idea lists. Rich was requested by my mother to write up his list early. His would usually like very obscure physics books that can only be found online or at a technical book store. I think the first year we were married my mom tried to find these at the mall Barnes and Noble. That was pretty funny. Mom now has discovered the technical book store in the Powells chain and is learning about Amazon and ordering online.
For some reason my family thinks they should argue with me about everything on my list. One year they seemed to feel the need to debate my request for a cape, last year they questioned my list to fill out our stainless service. I guess my family doesn’t know me – I don’t need or want much. I have loved capes – and I also have discovered that long wool coats do not last long with me – I rip them out in the shoulders after about two years. Last year was a doozy – they argued over my request for butter knives and cosmetics and skin care (I did spend time getting the exact colors I wanted, and products for my skin type). I was even offered by my mother some stuff that she had and didn’t want anymore. I told her "if that is what you wish to give me, thank you." If there is arguing this year, I will pull out of the gift exchange. Or ask that they donate money in my name to a society for the prevention of tormentation of daughters.
One funny thing about our gift giving – beware if you ask for something, you may get a lot of it.  One year grandma asked for a plastic rainbonnet – she got one from everyone, including mom’s cat. We gave her other things too. The next year she asked for vanilla and cinnamon. Not flavored candles or anything, but for cooking. Mom gave her a big ole quart of vanilla and I gave a Costco sized container of cinnamon. Mom has flossers on her list this year. I wonder how many packs fill a stocking?
Okay I got that demented part of Christmas out of my system.
Now we have the search for the cars for Carl. Last Christmas my Dad and Stepmom started Carl on the little Disney/Pixar metal Cars (from the movie). These have been great rewards throughout the year – they helped in toilet training and sleeping in his bed and other things. The problem is we have most of the cars. When we get all that I know of, Mattel and Disney release more. They are hard to find. To top it off, Mattel/Disney has released the old cars in new packaging (I think this is the third time for this.) Fortunately Carl doesn’t care if they are "World of Cars" or "Supercharged." I am sure there are collectors out there that do care. I have learned more about the line of toys than I care too. I also had to explain to my son about Chinese imports, lead and why this happened (Sarge). So we have many cars on his list.
We do have some fun Christmas events coming – there is Breakfast with Santa at husbands office. There is also a Little Man and Mommy Dinner/Dance at our Rec Center. This is our second year for the dinner/dance. I am really looking forward to it.
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