WW on a Budget

One of the recent topics on the WW board has been following the plan on a budget. Our grocery bills have gone up since I started the Weight Watchers program.
So I have been keeping notes from the various postings and articles on line. I am also entering a few days food into a spreadsheet to calculate how much it actually costs to eat what I do.
I clipped an article from the Oregonian from the "Lean Plate Club" column. I couldn’t find it on the Oregon Live site, but I did find it here:
It gives a lot of good ideas.
I am also rereading my Food Stamp Gourmet by Carrie Bailey. It too has a lot of good ideas.
Here is a summary of ideas from the WW boards
1. Limit yourself to 1 box of prepackaged food a week.
2. coupons
3. Frozen and seasonal fruits and vegetables, check out farms/farmers markets
4. Soups from scratch
5. Grow your own and can or freeze
6. Learn which stores have the best prices, dont be afraid of buying in bulk
7. Eat less meat, more legume protein
8. Canned meat or large packs and freeze
This post was so good I am posting all of it:
First, check out www.miserlymoms.com. The site has TONS of great tips on eating healthy at low cost. Plus there’s a book by the same title.
Here’s some of my tips:
1. In most dishes you can cut the amount of meat in half. Cut it up into very small pieces so it disperses well through the dish, and most people will never notice. Saves on points, too.
2. Limit yourself to one box of prepackaged snack food a week. Same goes for ice cream & other snacks.
3. Once or twice a week, double the recipe. Freeze leftovers in qt-size ziploc bags for later use. It might not seem like a $ saver, but if is if it keeps you from grabbing takeout two weeks later when you’re crunched for time.
4. Don’t let veggies go bad! If celery and carrots are at the edge of their lifespan, toss them in with some onions & seasonings and make your own veggie broth. Freeze for later use.
5. skip the bottled water. If you’re worried about quality, you can always boil it. Buy a water bottle and a large jug for the fridge. It’s better for the environment, anyway. 
This wonderful woman has a blog too – I love reading about other journeys too!
Anyway – more on this topic as I crunch some numbers!
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