Life continues

Life continues on in our household. Rich’s technical conference is next week. He got the proof of his poster and was not happy. He tried to work on it then finally took me up on my offer to work on it. I got all of the graphic issues settled (I only worked in the industry for 18 years!) I look forward to seeing the final results.
Carl is doing great – we are working on the skills that aren’t coming as easily in preschool. Fortunately it isn’t too much. He loves the playtime – they go to the basement and ride tricycles. He is doing a lot better riding now.
Halloween was fun. Carl was Buzz Lightyear. He dressed up for preschool and stayed in costume all day. We went to my mom’s for the neighborhood halloween parade, then came home and trick or treated with Rich to the houses we know. The backyard neighbors had some cars from cereal boxes in their goody tray – Carl loved it and slept with them.
We are now in Christmas thoughts – Carl wants almost everything he sees for Christmas.
I had my eyes checked for the first time since I moved back to Oregon – bad me. My eyes are tired.
Fun thing coming up – it is my turn for preschool treats and baking supplies – I get to buy the decorations for the gingerbread houses!
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One Response to Life continues

  1. Tanya says:

    I love decorating gingerbread houses!
    Glad to hear you had a good Halloween – I\’m sure Carl made a haul 🙂

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