Visiting Family

I went to a bit of a reunion lunch yesterday. My mom, Carl and I drove out to SE Portland to have lunch with my mom’s cousin and his wife. Mom did a lot with this cousin growing up- he is ten years older, but lived the closest. He was in Portland while Mom was in Longview.
Listening to some of the stories were great. They talked about the his Dad (who died when Mom was a girl). The tales brought him to life. His mom (who I loved dearly) died not long after I moved to Denver. We talked about how Dale got her stubborn streak. She was independent until she died at 89.
We went out to eat at Shari’s – a local family chain. I got online to try to prepare for the meal. The nutritional information lacked fiber – which is needed to calculate points in Weight Watchers, but there was enough (calories and fat) to get a rough estimate of points. I wrote the names of the dishes to consider and printed out the soups page to take with me. At the restaurant I discovered NONE of the the dishes I selected were on the menu any more and only a few of the soups. Their "signature" soup (according to the menu) was NOT LISTED on the website! I finally found the chilli – white meat chicken and white beans – it appeared to be pretty healthy and it was REALLY GOOD. I showed the problem to the manager and he said he will need to encourage the website updates.  What I found to eat was tasty and filling, but until the website is updated, I would not recommed the restaurant for people trying to loose weight.
I then went to Costco with Mom, she needed help loading and unloading the purchases. I realized I really like shopping during the early hours. I usually go there at 10 AM, which is reserved for business and executive memberships. It is busy but not crazy like it was yesterday afternoon. I also like shopping without the distraction of a 4-year-old. "Go back" "I want to taste that" "I need to yook at that" are really distracting.
We got home and Rich had called, saying he wanted to meet for dinner. He is getting through a really busy schedule this week. He had homework due for his class (he is getting his PhD in physics), research he was presenting in a meeting at work and a paper for an upcoming technical conference. He has made it through the first two and is late on the third. He has asked for my help this weekend on the third. He is close to finishing the paper.
We went out to Old Chicago’s for dinner. I didn’t plan too much for this one. I ate a piece of pizza and had a beer. I don’t think I will gain 50 pounds back from that. I will be careful today and Sunday. I then went to the Rack with Carl. He is patient shopping to a point. I was able to find a shirt for myself and a pair of jeans for Carl. Shopping for clothes for me is a lot more fun…
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