Some Cooking and other things

I was recently making brownies with chocolate frosting – using the frosting recipe on the scanned scotch-a-roos card. It was pretty hard to read.
(photo number 4)
Here is the Chocolate Frosting Recipe:
3-1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1/4 teaspoon salt
Mix in a bowl. Stir in:
1/4 cup melted butter
then slowly add, stirring
1/3 cup milk
You may not need all of the milk.
I made the brownies from "magic." Carl was watching the Pillsbury Brownies Dough commercial and turned to me as asked for "Magic." He also used to ask for "possibilities" after the Campbells commercial, he still refers to soup as "Possibilities." Grandma used to get such a kick out of that one. Back to the brownies, I buy the Triple Chocolate Chunk dough. I have made it with homemade frosting and purchased frosting and like it with homemade frosting better. I do have some brownie recipes but they require melting bakers chocolate, which is striking me as a chore.
I of course ate several as soon as they were done. I guess we need to make sure we get to the park every day this week!
Speaking of things that Carl does that my grandma would have gotten a kick out of: Carl’s interest (almost obsession) with geography continues. Carl discovered Rich’s relief map of the US. It is now hanging in Carl’s bedroom. Rich had some Rand McNally wall maps, one of the US and one of the World. He gave Carl the rolled up US map and promised to hang it later in the week. Carl had to sleep with it last night. Rich hung it up this morning. After Rich left for work, Carl showed me where the rolled up world map was stored in the garage.
While Carl was at preschool I did a little shopping. One of the places I went to was Toys R Us (it is so much easier to shop THERE without my husband and son.) I found a phonics tape (more on phonics in another entry) and a wooden puzzle of the United States. I was planning on having him earn the puzzle, but so much for that idea. He has been working on it for two hours straight (other than the 20 minutes it took for me to dig Pennsylvania out of the basket of clean clothes. I do not ask how it got there.)
relief map (this looks like a great site – I have a feeling we will be buying a lot from this company…)
Wall map
Wooden US Map
I found a cute little four year old singing "Fifty Nifty" on Youtube.
What a character! Her name is Hannah – she really has a cute personality.
Cool Looking Kids-oriented food blog:
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