Oh by the way (or weigh)

I finally made my weight loss goal at Weight Watchers! I have now officially lost 50 pounds! 
Now to finish going through my clothing and getting rid of the stuff that is too big or the smaller sized items I saved and that are now really really out of date.
I also want to make sure that I keep with the healthier eating – I want this to be my heaviest weight from now on.
Mom and I took two weeks off from making jelly – she went to visit my brother in Everett and then her cousin came for a visit.
When Mom was in the Seattle area, my brother and sis in law took her to Chateau Ste Michelle winery. My parents (as well as aunts uncles and grandparents) have loved this winery for years. For this tour they took the garden tour (my bro and family are putting a lot of work in their yard and mom is a master gardener). They said it was amazing. Mom also came back with a case or two of wine – I don’t remember the name…
Here is the link to the tour:
They took the Garden and Historical Tour listed at the bottom of the page.
While mom’s cousin was here, we took her to the zoo one day and to the beach for a few days.
The beach trip was really nice. Some friends have a house that they let us use (we offered rent – honest). The home was so amazing! It at one time had been a two bedroom bungalow. A garage and amazing master bedroom were added on. The only drawback to the addition were one of the bedroom lost its closet and became a hallway/room (you have to walk through it to get to the new addition).  The house was three blocks from the beach. Since we went mid week after the beginning of the school year, the beach was empty – it was wonderful. The house was in a tiny town north of Tillamook – everything closed up early (6 pm) so we had to plan ahead for dinner.
The weather was nice for the trip – it wasn’t really warm but it was sunny. Mom’s old greyhound loved the beach – even at 10 she can still run! Carl loved picking up rocks, shells and sticks at the beach. We brought some home, used some to "decorate" the yard and "accidently" left a few collections at the beach.
On our way home we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour. Carl loved watching the production. We tasted cheese. I bought some smoky cheddar, pecan/cheddar cold pack, cheese curds and cow shaped cookies.  The cheese curds are a definately weakness – I went through the bag in two days.
The zoo was fun too – there are a lot of changes going on. The new black bear/cougar/bobcat section is open and running (though they need to get rid of the fake rock obstructions in the otter/beaver section). They are building a new wolf exhibit, modifying the primate exhibit and building a new African exhibit with Lions! Carl’s favorites are still the Orangutans.
This last week mom and I went back to jelly making. After the break we were a bit out of sorts – we had a routine that made the time flow smoothly. Hopefully we will get back in routine this next Monday. We made one batch of blackberry jelly and two batches of grape. Granted it wasn’t just the two week break that threw us off – we also were making grape jelly (which neither of us had made before) and using new jelly bags. Mom’s 30 year old bag was giving out,  it can be mended. I found some new ones at our local Ace Hardware – I love that store! We still had to get used to working with the new bag.
My step mom has lent me her tomato processing machine and a pressure cooker. I want to make some tomato jelly (the processor will help with that) and pepper relish (I want to make sure the canning is safe on that one).
I posted a video of Carl riding his scooter at preschool on YouTube. Here is the link:
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