What kids learn

I am pretty amazed by my son. He is doing great in preschool. I didn’t think he would have any trouble with the subjects they would be teaching – I was concerned with his ability to socialize. He is doing fine there too. He shares and doesn’t let himself be bullied. Not that there are any bullies in his class, but a few that are strong willed.
Carl’s new interest is in learning the states. I bought a lift-the-flap book on the United States at Target for a whopping dollar. He LOVES it. We read it every night – last book – before bed. I hope this doesn’t make him predisposed to fall asleep in geography class in the future. I also sang the "Fifty Nifty" song that I learned in 5th grade. He loves it – I found it on Youtube and that is one of his favorite things to sing now. He doesn’t remember EVERY state and he keeps saying Oklahoma City for Oklahoma. From YouTube we also found some Animaniacs clips on the states and capitals, presidents and countries of the world. The last two are a bit dated, but they are a great start for learning. He loves them! The only problem is some OTHER Animaniac clips get clicked…I have limited the Macademia clip to once a day!
Here are links to the clips:
Fifty Nifty


I can’t find any links for the book, but it lists Clever Factory out of Nashville as the distributor.
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  1. Kevin says:

    We\’ll have to check those out! Cool stuff man!

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