Funny Little Tales of Late

There have been a few amusing events that I wanted to share.
Weight Watcher story 1:
Right before school started the Ok to Bring Kids meeting was full with kids who had been in camps and classes all summer that we hadn’t seen in a while. One is a cutey about Carls age who likes to participate in the discussion during the meeting. During the meeting he once again raises his hand when a question is thrown out. Our dear leader calls on him and he states, "My mom eats pie sometimes." No cheating with this kid around…
Weight Watchers story 2:
There are a few of us that are really getting close to goal – so close that we are digging into the prebaby clothes that we can fit into. We also discovered that many of the pants that we have worked so hard to fit into are really out of style and make us look like moms.
Husband Tale:
We have differing tastes in music. I like a very wide variety including country. My husband was a metal head who is very slowly expanding his tastes (we do have symphony tickets now!) Anyway, he recently said he is ordering the Cars soundtrack CD. I asked if it was for Carl – he got a guilty look on his face and said it was for the family. I then pointed out the number of county performers, he had no response. Wow –  things have changed!
Life keeps on going here. I got to see Carl and the other kids marching and singing "We are Marching in the Light of God." It was SOOOO cute. I didn’t have a good weigh-in on Monday – up 1.6 lbs, so now I have 2 lbs to go.
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