Life continues

Tomatoes continue to ripen – I am making sauce and oven drying tomatoes. I found some recipes for tomato jelly, I will give these a try.
 I went out to our local wine country earlier this week to pick up our wine club wines. We recently joined the White Rose Winery’s wine club. It is a nice excuse to drive out to Yamhill County. A friend came with Carl and me. We stopped first at Red Ridge Farms (one of the few nurseries I really enjoy) and then we went on to the winery. White Rose is a wonderful winery. The view is amazing from the front porch. The tasting room looks more like American Northwest – beautiful woods and under eaves. Many of the wineries model their tasting rooms after southern Europe – don’t get me wrong, I love that style too, but it is really nice to see a winery that has the look of the area it is from.
We tasted their wines and they were wonderful too. They have recently added a line of logoed merchandise – I bought Rich a hat.
Red Ridge Farms, besides having a great selection of herbs and other plants, makes my favorite olive oil. They also have some teas – I don’t know if they are new, but the are tasty. I bought some grapefruit mint and ginger mint.
Carl is doing very well in preschool. He is going to preschool at "MeeMee’s Church." The church my grandmother attended before she died and the church I attended in the teens. He loves the song "We are Marching in the Light of God." They sing this song and march out to recess. How cute! He is learning to write letters and can spell his name – he isn’t a baby anymore… sniff. The teachers commented on his skill at soccer and his writing, and said that he really don’t have an interest in art. Well that hasn’t changed.
Today will be spent "making wandry," processing tomatoes and picking blackberries.
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One Response to Life continues

  1. Tanya says:

    Oh, I wish I lived closer to you!  I would come over and raid your garden 🙂  I made some salsa last week and will probably make some more tomorrow.  I\’m worried it\’s going to start freezing here at night and my tomatoe plants will die. 

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