My son is growing too fast!

Preschool starts this week. It is only three mornings a week, but this is hard for me. I am sure I will adjust quickly – but my world is CHANGING!
 We did a little clothes shopping. My son is no longer in toddlers. He also has his own ideas about what he wants to wear.
Mom and I have continued to make jams and jellies. We get together once a week and make a few batches. So far we have made lots of Blackberry Jelly and Salsa Jam. We tried plum jam, which was a little blah, and Grandma’s recipe for plum compote – which we over reduced. It is pretty tasty.
The garden is finally producing tomatoes, though some of plants are having problems. Next I will start making tomato sauce.
We went to Powells (an incredible bookstore – if ever in Portland, it needs to be a stop) Rich was looking for books for his fall class. I looked for books on canning and jellies. I also bought a lot of books for Carl. We also went to see Ratatouille. It was fun. We did have a little trouble with Carl kicking the seat in front of him, but that was easily fixed (he sat on my lap or curled up in his chair.) I  loved the food and the sites of Paris (even if they were animation…)
Well off to fix dinner.
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One Response to My son is growing too fast!

  1. Tanya says:

    That is SO exciting that Carl is starting preschool.  It\’s amazing how fast they grow up.
    The previous house owner\’s had a little bit of a garden here and we have tomatoes and squash.  I can\’t wait to plant my own stuff next year!  I\’m hoping I\’ll get enough tomatoes to make some salsa.
    I\’m so glad you updated!  I hope you have a wondeful week 🙂 

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