Summer’s over?

Where did it go?
It was a busy one. Carl was in classes through the rec center. We are cuting back this fall – I want to make sure he is ok in preschool first, THEN we will add the extras. He made major strides this summer. His swimming improved. He really liked the violin – and he still LOVES basketball.
Carl turned four – we had a kids party in August. I planned all these little games and had prizes for all the kids. When they got to the house all the little boys were drawn like magnets to the box of Cars toys – all his little Cars characters that they all have at home too.  After a while they all got into the musical instruments. Two were willing to do Pin The Tail. They LOVED the pinata. I bagged the rest of the events and just stuck the prizes in bags and sent them home with the kids. We had pizza and cake and the moms picked blueberries to take home.
I am doing really well with the Weight Watchers program. I am now down to less than a pound from my goal weight. Hopefully I will be at goal next weigh in. I am so glad I have lost that 50 pounds – I really feel like a new person.
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