Summer Harvest

I learned to make Jam and Jelly this year. Mom came over and we made some blackberry jelly with the many blackberries from our yard. Some were frozen from last year. They worked well.
We then made some Salsa Jam, Jalapeno Jelly and Habenero Jelly. My hands burned after that, even using gloves! Husband loves the Habenero Jelly. I like it but it gives me the hiccups.
My neighbor made some blueberry muffins from some of our blueberries (we share with anyone on the block who doesn’t have blueberry bushes). She told me she misplaced her old cookbook with the recipe she liked. She said it was the old Betty Crocker binder checked cookbook. Well, I had Grandmas old Betty Crocker cookbook and the old binder-style with a checked cover Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. She was thrilled and copied both recipes.
For my Jellies, I used the recipes in the MCP package. I made the Jalapeno with half Jalapeno half Anaheim. The Habenero was really half habenero half orange bell pepper. It is still really hot.
Here is the recipe for the Salsa Jam – it is called Jelly in the recipe name, but you don’t have to run it through a Jelly Bag.
Bad Bob’s First Wife’s Salsa Pepper Jelly
16 oz container medium hot salsa 
6-1/2 cups sugar
1-1/2 cups cider vinegar
6 oz package of Certo liquid fruit pectin (do not use powdered pectin)
Bring salsa, sugar and vinegar to a hard boil, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and let set for 15 minutes. Bring back to a boil and boil hard for 2 minutes. Add liquid pectin, boil 1 minute more. Remove from heat and stire 5 minutes. Fill sterilizes jars and seal.
I used a boiled water canner and commercial salsa. 
The recipe was from Nancy Sageser, a former coworker from Tektronix. She contributed it to a fundraising cookbook – a coworker Maja Berge put together the cookbook (I helped a bit). We sold them to raise funds for a Christmas giving for needy families in the community.
I found some videos of my nephew on You Tube:
In this one he is one of several boys – my nephew has the yellow jacket.
Weight loss has been slow going. My weight is going down, but very very slowly. I am on a plateau. ew.
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One Response to Summer Harvest

  1. Tanya says:

    Hello there!!  Sounds like you\’ve been busy in your garden 🙂  The jams and jellies sound yummy – I used to make blackberry jam when we lived in WA.  Not sure if you\’ve ever tried it but mixing the Jalepeno jelly (and the others) is really tasty with cream cheese.  It helps cut down on the heat and is really good to dip crackers or bread into.  Hope you\’re having a wonderful week. 

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