Keep Going

The summer is sure going by quickly.
I am back on track with Weight Watchers and my weight loss. I have lost the weight I put on with Grandma’s burial. I am also very encouraged to get to my goal weight – I am 5.8 pounds from my goal.
Carl is really growing this summer. He has had a spurt in his height and lost a little weight in the process. I had to dig out his 3T shorts – the 4Ts are falling down! He is also loving classes this summer.
We went to a Jazz concert at Powell Butte – the same one Carl chased grasshoppers at last year. It was cooler this year – much more pleasant. The music was great once again!
Here is the link to the ensemble and the location:
Here is a clip (lets see if I am doing this right!)
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I am still missing Grandma terribly. Today what set me off was I bought Carl a cinnamon roll – grandma loved cinnamon rolls. sigh sniff
I forgot a little tale of the night at Powell Butte. We took Carl’s wagon with us to haul the food up. I had packed some of the food in my favorite Longaberger picnic basket. On the way down, my husband decided to ride in the wagon down the hill while sitting on my basket. We will be shipping my basket back to Ohio to be repaired. Surprisingly, he only broke the handle.
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