Back to the Present

This week we are trying to get back on schedule.
On Tuesday, Carl went to the dentist for his fillings – finally. Since we had rescheduled twice already, I was not going to change the appointment a third time. It wasn’t because I felt like I was dragging on the dentist – they had a very large deposit. I was really worried about one of Carl’s teeth. It had a huge cavity – the tooth wasn’t doing well at all.
So my Dad drove down to our house and helped me take Carl to the Dentist office. This is a pediatric dentist. At first I didn’t see the need for a pediatric dentist versus a regular dentist, but I am now a believer. The office is so geared for children, plus the employees are prepared to deal with issues of children.
Carl was given a mild sedation – he was awake but sedated. It took a while for the sedation to kick in. Our big problem was he felt fine, but was getting really wobble. So we finally got him to sit and read, so the sedation started to work a bit better. The dentist then carried him into the room. Carl told me he watched Higglytown Heroes on TV (they have TVs in the ceiling). The Dentist and Nurse said he was great – he was even trying to talk to them during the proceedure.
They recommended starting him on popcicles (he wasn’t able to eat or drink before the procedure) so we stopped for some on the way home.
We got home and I made lunch for Dad and myself. Carl got a popcicle, which he devoured. We then tried some juice – that too was fine. He then got his macaroni and cheese.
The big trouble I was having was Carl was insisting on doing his normal things, even though he was still very wobbly. My resticting him was making him very angry too – more angry than he normally would be, plus he wouldn’t listen to reason (less so than normal anyway after all he is three). He was trying to climb up on stools, walk the stairs with his hands full of cars (his favorites are the little metal ones from the movie Cars – more on that another time…)
Finally I got him to take a nap. The nap was a little bit longer than normal. but not outrageously long. He was much better after that.
On Wednesday, Carl and I talked about the experience. One comment from my wise three-year-old, "That medicine made me angry." How does a toddler get such insight?
The experience must have been a positive one in his little mind. He still wants to be a dentist when he grows up and one of his favorite books is "Going to the Dentist." I would definately recommend a pediatric dentist (especially this practice) for little children.
Going to the Dentist by Anne Civardi

I bought Carl’s copy through a Scholastic Book flyer through Parks and Rec.
Plug for Carl’s dentist:
Dentistry for Children
Eric A. Downey, D.D.S.
Carolyn A. Muckerheide, D.D.S.
(503) 579-0304 
(503) 641-8800 
Postive reviews from someone else on Dr Downey:
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One Response to Back to the Present

  1. Faithfulmom says:

    I must check out this book for my little guy!  We have been doing a lot of dental stuff this month…having a good dentist is the best!

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