Tale of the last week – Saturday1

I thought I would share more of what happened in the last week.
On Saturday the 7th (Day before Easter), Mom went to work as she normally does on Saturdays. Since Grandma was now on the liquid diet, mom asked me to stop in mid day to make sure Grandma got her lunch (she was having some trouble opening the bottles). Rich stopped in earlier (as usual) with Carl after sports class. He got home and said that Grandma was not doing well at all. So I paged Mom and she went home for a few hours. After a bit Grandma went to take a nap. Mom went back to work – she only had one more case to see, so she assured me she would be home early. I did not need to come over to check on Grandma.
That morning I had stayed home from sports class. My friends Misako and Lisa were stopping by, so I was making a bite to eat, as well as getting ready for Easter dinner the next day. Our tradition is that Grandma, Mom, Carl and I go to church and Rich makes dinner, since he won’t go to church. So I was getting the scalloped potatoes ready to cook. My brother and his family were coming down on Saturday, so I made a lot of potatoes. I also boiled 3 dozen eggs (yes 36 eggs!) so all the kids could decorate eggs later that day.
While Mom was home from work with Grandma, she checked her answering machine. My brother’s wife had called that morning while Mom was in the shower, they weren’t able to come down that weekend, but my brother had a business trip to Portland on Monday and would be there through Wednesday.
So Carl and I dyed and decorated 36 eggs on Saturday afternoon. He liked dying the eggs, but got bored decorating after the first dozen…
Rich and I were still worried, plus the disjointed day Mom was having was likely to be tiring, so we called to see if she would like us to bring over dinner. It took forever to hear back from her. She didn’t get home till after 6. I was a angry that she didn’t call to say there was a change of plans and have me run over to the house. She has always had poor planning and time management skills, I can’t remember any project that she has ever done that wasn’t running in crisis mode.
We went over that evening. Rich fried some bacon and I made Eggs Jeannette with some of the boiled eggs. We laughed wondering how we were going to get rid of the remaining 30 hard boiled eggs. We watched, "Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School." Mom had borrowed the movie from the library. Grandma watched the movie with us. She didn’t care for it, but Mom and I loved it.
We stayed the night as we were all very worried about Grandma.
Movie Links
Eggs Jeannette
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