Getting better all the time…

My knee is doing much better. I am doing the exercises and walking without crutches. I have cut back on pain medication. The aches and pains I was feeling were not in my knee but other side effects of the surgery.
We picked up Carl on Friday. It was so good to have him home! Dad and Judi made some progress on toilet training. We are able to keep it up too. While Carl was staying with Dad and Judi, they took him to Costco. When checking out he indicated that it was now time to stop for pizza. So they stopped for pizza. Judi asked Carl what he would like on his pizza, he said pepperoni. He then sat down with his slice of pizza a proceeded to pick off all the pepperoni and eat the cheese pizza. Dad and Judi thought that was pretty funny.
I received some nice flowers recently, mostly as a get well wish. Dad and Judi gave me a bouquet of dark red carnations. Grandma gave me a bouquet of iris and a variety of white flowers. Rich gave me a bouquet of Lilies. He brought these home after he turned in his final for his last class.
Rich did well on his last class – he just got his grade – an A. Yeah!!!
I got a call from my friends Susan and Kirsten on Saturday. It was so good to hear from them and it really made me miss them and Colorado so much.
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