Home to heal

The knee surgery went well. The only problem was I woke up Thursday morning with a sinus headache and really couldn’t do anything about it with the surgery coming. The nurses kept the lights off in my room and gave me some heat packs for my head. The anesthesiologist promised that what he was giving me would take care of it. I remember the first drug he gave me, my hearing went weird, then I got a funny taste in my mouth, then I noticed (out loud of course) that I still had a headache but didn’t care… When I woke up the headache was gone.
Today I am Carl free – I realized that I really can’t care for him today, though I miss him terribly, he is still at Dad and Judi’s.
My plans for today are elevating my knee and starting my exercises. I am really encourage by how quickly I felt like moving yesterday.
MSN had an article on knee health today – I am marking it here since it was slow to load this morning.
As we were leaving the hospital they were on a Code Pink – they were checking everyone at the door due to a missing baby in maternity. Mom said it was probably a drill, the Legacy hospitals are big on drills. My one concern was that they had older women retiree volunteers doing the checking. If someone wanted to get past them they could. I am going to send a letter to the company indicating my concerns.
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One Response to Home to heal

  1. Tanya says:

    I\’m happy to hear that the surgery went well.  I hope you heal up quickly!

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