Today is…

Knee day.
I was kid free most of yesterday. The plan is for my son to stay with Dad and Step mom. Yesterday Carl was nagging me to get moving. I would tell him they were coming to get him. He said oh and then a half hour later he would nag me to get moving so we would go. As my Dad was pulling in the driveway I told Carl he was making me crazy. Carl went out and told Dad that he (Carl) was making mommy crazy.
They loaded him into the van and took off – I barely got to kiss my son goodbye.
I then went off for my presurgery appointment, then I met my friend Ina Gebert for lunch. She works downtown – we took the streetcar across downtown to a little cafe owned by her neighbors – it was wonderful. I unfortunately can’t remember the name – I will have to ask what the name was. I had a green salad with apples and hazelnuts and some cauliflower saffron soup. It was too good!
The one day I might ever want to take highway 26 from downtown to my home there is a landslide. I couldn’t believe it. So I took another route home and stopped to look for some little Cars cars for Carl (he is collecting.) I happened to get to Toys R Us when they were unpacking the box. So I was able to get a few he didn’t have. They are in the earning pile.
I then ran some more errands that needed to get done. I didn’t like being in the house, it was too quiet without Carl.
Rich and I had a dinner out at Red Lobster. We are so predictable, we ordered the same as we always do. I do crab legs no butter, brocolli and a salad. Rich does the admirals feast.
So this morning I can’t eat or drink and I have no baby to take care of. It is weird. Quiet.
He will be home soon…
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